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Come and spend a few days at Hôtel La Voile d'Or - La Lagune, and you'll have a huge playground on your doorstep! The ocean and the dunes are waiting to welcome you for a hike or a stroll. A bike tour will take you to even more unspoilt spots for a complete change of scenery.


Cycling tour


Hop in the saddle and discover the area around the hotel. Following the vélomaritime, the paths will guide you through picture-postcard landscapes such as Cap d'Erquy, Cap Fréhel and Fort La Latte.



Kayak in the Lagoon

While we invite you to stroll through a lush Lagoon at low tide, we strongly recommend renting one of our kayaks to enjoy a breathtaking Lagoon at high tide!



How about watching a sunset from a paddle? Stop time on the lagoon as you paddle along. Depending on the time of day, you'll witness colors ranging from pastel to flamboyant. A single Lagoon, an infinite range of colors and moods.




The Sables-d'Or-Les-Pins beach, just a stone's throw from the hotel, invites you and your surfboard to come and enjoy the waves. An ideal place to spend time with family and friends.

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Cap Fréhel


Overlooking the sea by more than 70 meters, the schist and pink sandstone cliffs of Cap Fréhel offer one of the most beautiful views in Brittany. An exceptional site, a bird sanctuary, between gorse and heather, the walk leads to the illustrious Fort la Latte.

Open your eyes wide, you're on one of the most impressive sites in the region. Overlooking an emerald sea, beaten by the winds, Cap Fréhel enchants with its beauty and shimmering colors.



Fort La Latte

Fort-la-Latte is one of Brittany's most famous castles. It stands opposite Cap Fréhel. 


A cliff-top fort overlooking the sea and moor, protected by two crevasses that can only be crossed by two drawbridges... This is what we call an impregnable position! Remarkable for its location on a rocky cape facing the sea, Fort La Latte has also been used as a film set.




The Sports & Spa La Voile d Or hotel is located on the famous "Sentiers des Douaniers". The GR34 zigzags for 130km along beaches and moors with breathtaking views of the sea.


La Voile d'Or is a partner of in Sables d'Or les Pins. Hike in total freedom with! Prepare your itinerant hike on the Douaniers trail in Brittany in just a few clicks, thanks to the information available on the site.

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