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A sustainable destination: Eco-gestures during my stay: I respect the environment I stay on marked paths and trails I park my vehicle or my bicycle in the places provided for this purpose I pick up and take my waste with me If I find marine waste on the beach, I put it in the tide tank located at the entrance to the beach.

Local products :

Going through short circuits is consistent with the values ​​of quality, solidarity, transparency and proximity. Our approach is to highlight our Breton terroir which we are proud to introduce to you by welcoming you to our establishment.

With local producers, you choose ethical and quality consumption, both in terms of composition and taste. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

    Bord bord seaweed tartare Roscoff Histoires d'algae - Cooking recipes with organic algae from Brittany - Bord à Bord (

    Butter Tulips 35230 Bourgbarré

    Boulangerie Plévenon [Aux Délices du Cap & Aux Délices des Pains] - Your bakery and pastry shop - Home (

    Beillevaire Yogurt Machecoul-Saint-Meme, 44270, Loire-Atlantique

    Oysters Nicolas Nonnet Oyster farmer Erquy Pléneif-Val-André Nicolas Nonnet ( Erquy

    Béniguet oysters: Ile de Bréhat Shop | BRÉHAT OYSTERS (

    Le Vauhario oysters in Cancale

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